Do you love to work with the best quality epoxy? Are you concerned about our planet at the same time? Until now, not many sustainable epoxy options were available. Some expensive, some of poor quality.

Now the wait is over. Fairpoxy is the new kid on the European market! Offering premium quality, yet economically priced bio based epoxy. Fairpoxy offers a crystal clear epoxy with a high 29% bio content without compromising on quality and ease of use. At great prices. Based in the heart of Europe, Fairpoxy can guarantee fast and efficient distribution. Ask your epoxy dealer for Fairpoxy or become a dealer yourself. Better for you, better for the planet. That is why you choose Fairpoxy.

Our goal

Fairpoxy’s goal is to make bio based epoxy available to environment conscious enthusiasts all over Europe. We are looking for users and dealers to help us expand the Fairpoxy Movement. Are you in the marine business, interior design or a resin art retailer? We want to help you to expand your business and add to a better world too. Become part of the Fairpoxy Movement! So get in touch with us now.

Our offer

Fairpoxy offers you premium epoxy resins made of renewable, every day plant based ingredients and by-products. We aim to limit the use of fossil raw materials as much as possible as to reduce the carbon footprint. Fairpoxy is free of palm oil or soy. The bio content is as high as 29% in the mixture (43% in the resin) and Fairpoxy has earned USDA approval, the leading regulatory body in the global marketplace.


Check out our various systems and packages and find the best bio epoxy for your project.


Curious about our bio based epoxy? Get involved, test it yourself and represent Fairpoxy!

Where to buy

Find Fairpoxy dealers and online retailers all over Europe for all your bio based epoxy needs.