Bio based
Epoxy resins

The highest quality bio based resins

With a high 29% renewable content, Fairpoxy offers you long lasting bio based quality and
durability in any circumstance for any project. Produced in Europe. Available near you.

Our goal

Here at Fairpoxy, the goal is to make bio based epoxy available to environment conscious enthusiasts all over Europe. We help end users and dealers with our proven quality and support, to achieve great success. Whether it is for a fun project or for your commercial goals.

Our offer

Fairpoxy offers you premium epoxy resins made of renewable, every day plant based ingredients and by-products. We aim to limit the use of fossil raw materials as much as possible as to reduce the carbon footprint. Fairpoxy is also free of palm oil or soy.

Find your local supplier here

The Fairpoxy dealer network is growing every day.

So chances are that you can get it around the corner. This is how we keep the carbon footprint small. No supplier available near you? Just order online and we will ship it to your home.

Responsibly sourced and produced

It took years to develop a bio based epoxy that is superior to any non bio based epoxy. That was our aim. Made with renewable materials. We succeeded. But we don’t stop there, we keep developing every day to bring you the best sustainable products and variations. We also look at the cleanest and most direct way to transport our epoxy from our Benelux facilities to you.

How we make the difference

Traditional epoxy production process

Fossil raw



Fairpoxy production process




Fairpoxy engineered the possibility to leave out the fossil phase in the production process for 29%.
Rape seed is amongst the renewable ingredients that replace the fossil raw materials

Reducing the carbon footprint

Traditional bio brands
Fairpoxy: sourced and produced locally

Many leading brands are shipped from the other side of the world. Not Fairpoxy, we are based
in The Netherlands and source our renewable contents locally and produce in Europe.