Fairpoxy Deep Casting System

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Fairpoxy Deep Casting System is the newest addition to our lineup. With a casting range between 1 to 5 cm per layer, the most complicated and large projects can be handled with this system. Great UV stability and clarity. Use it to cast river tables, serving trays, flower arrangements and anything that requires large volumes.

After curing the system shows high transparency. However, Fairpoxy Deep Casting System can be pigmented using suitable pastes, powder pigments or recommended inks. Very low viscosity (300-400 mPa.s) for easy handling. Gel time 90 minutes (20°C).

Why choose Fairpoxy?

The use of renewable resources such as rapeseed seed and coconut instead of fossil resources has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of epoxy making it a lot more environmentally friendly than other epoxies. In addition, Fairpoxy bio based epoxy is a USDA certified product that is included in the USDA BioPreferred program and is a member of the European Greentech Alliance. Fairpoxy bio based epoxy is produced in the Benelux which means that transport from factory and to customer generates a smaller carbon footprint than imports from other countries; the packaging is completely recyclable.


How do you use Fairpoxy Deep Casting?

The Deep Casting System is suitable for castings between 1-5 cm. Thicker layers should be poured in sections with intermediate curing. Volumes above about 5 kg are possible but should be mixed in separate buckets.


Mixing resin and hardener
Mix the epoxy in a ratio of 2:1 – 2 parts resin, 1 part hardener by volume, or 100:45 by weight. Do not try to shorten the curing time by adding more hardener. This will not work; on the contrary, too much hardener will cause the epoxy not to cure at all. Mix the resin and hardener well for at least 2 to 5 minutes. We use a stirrer or a drill mixer (low speed) for large volumes to do this. Always use a round cup or bucket for mixing. This prevents unmixed residue from being left in corners. Also make sure the edges of the mixing cup do not contain loose resin or hardener.


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Fairpoxy Deep Casting System TDS

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