Fairpoxy Top Casting Resin

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Crystal clear bio based top casting resin for layers up to around 4-5 millimeters. Fairpoxy Top Casting Resin is the most versatile solution for hot coats, casting of tabletops, countertops, paintings and small resin art projects. Endless creative possibilities with pigments, marbleise your kitchen or bathroom countertops, or cast your natural wood table.

Great UV stability. Low viscosity for easy casting and quick air release (380-820 mPa.s). Fairpoxy Top Casting System can be pigmented using suitable epoxy based pigment pastes, powder pigments or recommended inks.

Fairpoxy can be mixed in volume (2:1) or by weight (100:45) to suit your preference. Gel time 30 minutes (20°C).

How do you use Fairpoxy Top Casting Resin?


The processing time (pot life) is about 25 minutes at 20 degrees. So do not make more epoxy at a time than you can process for 25 minutes. For transparent applications, we recommend adding UV blocker to prevent yellowing from sunlight in the long run.


Fairpoxy Top Casting is widely used for finishing tables and other furniture, the epoxy can be poured up to about 0,5 cm thick for a tight top layer.


Resin Art
Small resin art projects are excellent to make with Fairpoxy Top Casting, like jewelry, coasters and bookmarks.


Fairpoxy Top Casting is ideal for hot-coating and gloss-coating boards, the Top Casting works finer when casting and has a higher UV-resistance than Laminating Resin.


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Manual Fairpoxy Top Casting Resin

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