Our impact

Fairpoxy offers you a sustainable epoxy without compromising the quality and ease of use. As with all bio based products we aim to save on the planet’s raw materials. This is not an easy task, but extensive research & development finally resulted in a high quality product available. Fairpoxy saves 29% on raw materials by replacing them with renewable materials.

Renewable and local

One of Fairpoxy’s renewable materials is rape seed. A bright yellow flower found in the fields and along the road sides in the Benelux. Not only is this ingredient beneficial for the environment, we also harvest and produce locally. Fairpoxy’s transportation carbon footprint is smaller than that of the competition from the USA or Canada.

USDA Biopreferred program

The United States Department of Agriculture is the world’s leading body in certifying biobased products. After the carbon testing phase, all Fairpoxy epoxy systems were 29% certified biobased by the USDA. Easily recognisable by the USDA Certified Biobased product label, we can guarantee that our sustainability is a fact and not just a story.